Kseniya - Long Beach, California

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My name is Kseniya and I believe in positivity, common sense, hard work, seeing the best in people and making the best of every situation.

I have a wide range of interests: paddle boarding, hiking, rock climbing, kickboxing, traveling, languages, comedy shows, scary movies, playing piano, and stealing the spotlight on the dance floor!
Very early in life I decided that I have to follow a path that is uniquely my own and does not follow anyone else's ideas about what is good for me. Originally from Kazakhstan, I came to the U.S. 11 years ago by myself after winning a national English language contest. Finished my last year of high school in Atlanta, and after that, got a scholarship to attend a private college in sunny Orange County. I also got to study abroad at the University of Barcelona for one semester, which allowed me to perfect my Spanish and get to know Europe by immersing myself in different cultures. After graduating college, I started working in real estate and taking business classes at a local community college. This industry being such a global marketplace, my goal is to open my own real estate company, that focuses on international clients looking for luxury homes in California. It combines all of my true passions: real estate, helping people, traveling & languages.My background, education and travels made me accumulate an eclectic mix of life experiences, which gave me a deepened and worldly outlook on life. I balance my "go-getter" attitude with a loving, kind, patient, and passionate investment in the people around me. I have an unwavering inner knowledge that everything will be ok, therefore, it is hard for me relate to people who have a lot of drama in their lives and constant self-pity. Being very appreciative of all the incredible opportunities and people this life has given me, I am a big advocate of gratitude. It makes me happy that I was able to achieve things in life that my single mother would never be able to give me. However, she raised me to believe that anything is possible, you just have to work very hard and not give up; and also to have a strong foundation, which will help withstand any challenges that may come along the way. That's why my biggest goal in life is to build a successful business, so I can take care of my family & make all their dreams come true.
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