Dina L. - Boulder, Colorado

Dina L. photo

I'm relentlessly ambitious and witty. I like to use ten-dollar words in casual conversation and laugh at my own jokes.

Filmmaking, outdoor sports, road tripping, TV marathons, tennis, capture the flag, rollercoasters, tall men, cooking, spending time with the family.
I believe in giving back and paying it forward. I try to offer my kindness double for every time I rely on the kindness of others. I'm the oldest of three and believe in personal responsibility, honor, and thoroughness. I believe in teamwork; I spent two years on the varsity tennis team in high school and three days on the basketball team. Someday, I hope to be a film director, but pretty much any job in the film industry will suffice. Film is my one true love. Perhaps my biggest accomplishment is a very well-received how-to satire video that I made last year.
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